Round-trip air fare to Orlando:
Hotel accommodations, three weeks:
Rental car, three weeks:
Annual pass to Walt Disney World:

Figuring out what to do next in life:

Prologue: Least resistance

Day 1: Touchdown
Day 2: Lego, Epcot
Day 3: Quest for Dinner
Day 4: Pointe Orlando, Animal Kingdom
Day 5: Groceries
Day 6: Disney/MGM Studios
Day 7: Laundry
Day 8: Church Street Station
Day 9: Magic Kingdom
Day 10: Lessons learned
Day 11: Celebration
Day 12: Last Brick, Downtown Disney
Day 13: Mascot Olympics
Day 14: Return to Epcot
Day 15: More laundry
Day 16: Celebration again, DisneyQuest
Day 17: Islands Of Adventure
Day 18: Sleeping and studying
Day 19: Information overload
Day 20: Signing a lease
Day 21: Last hurrah

Epilogue: With apologies to Robert Frost