Some of the web sites I’ve built during my career.


Janet Evanovich

A site for an author of popular murder mysteries. It makes extensive use of XSLT to present samples of her novels and audiobooks, photos of book signings and readers’ pets, and a live poll, all from information her team enters into the CMS.



A promotional site for PROJECT(RED), featuring news articles and information on participating sponsors’ products. This site is built on the Sitefinity CMS and involves custom programming for some elements, such as links which redirect users to international sponsor web sites based on the user’s location in the world.


Paradise Horse Club

A largely Flash-based site for a line of equestrian toys. I wrote the web services which allow the Flash games and quizzes tp communicate with the database.


The Story Chest

A site which allows people to purchase audio files of master storytellers reading their favorite stories. Purchasing is done through the PayPal API, and customizations to the Lightmaker CMS allow storytellers to upload and track their own stories.


M. Night Shyamalan Foundation

Information about a charitable foundation, and online applications for scholarship grants. A simple site built quickly: I took mockups from the designers, cut them up into templates, set them up to fill in data from the CMS, and completed the site in four days.


Delta Connection Academy

A flight school’s web site with a dynamic calendar of events, news articles which are grouped into archives by month, statistics on pilot graduation rates, and forms by which prospective students can request personalized information. This site is largely driven by XSLT on data entered into the CMS.


Voice Chasers

A site built around the popular phpBB forum software. A phpBB theme was used and extended for the larger site; information about actors, roles, agents, and awards is stored in a database, is searchable by users, and can be edited by administrative accounts.


Lightmaker CMS

The system which drives many of Lightmaker’s web sites by giving clients a clean interface to structure and input data, which is then rendered into XML files for a front-end site to display. I completely overhauled the publishing system and the scheduling system for much faster and much more stable performance.

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