My resume is online for reference purposes. Please do not contact me about any job offers.


At Netscape, I created the tech support web site. At Apple, I launched iTools (now iCloud). At Disney, I added the MyMagic+ technologies to the Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise Line web sites. I have broad experience in web development (client and server), seasoned with a background in system administration and tech support. Since 1995 I've been working with great teams using great technologies to build great web sites.


Languages and technologies: PHP, PHPUnit, JavaScript, AngularJS, AJAX, HTML, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, JSON, jQuery, Microsoft ASP.NET C#, SQL, Perl, NHibernate, ActiveRecord, XML, XSLT, XPath, Castle MonoRail, Symfony, Zend Framework, YAML, C, Lisp, shell scripting (bash, csh, and derivatives)

Applications and development environments: LAMP framework; MVC architecture; Microsoft Visual Studio; Eclipse; Microsoft IIS and Apache web servers; Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases; Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome web browsers; Subversion, Perforce, and Git revision control

Operating systems: Microsoft Windows (client and server); Mac OS X; Linux (Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, Fedora Core, Debian, SuSE, and others, using KDE or GNOME or shell); Unix


Princeton University, BSE in Computer Science, 1992.


August 2016-present: Senior Software Engineer, Disney Parks and Resorts Technology (Orlando, FL)

Developing new features for the Disney park mobile apps on iOS.

January 2011-August 2016: Senior Web Developer, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online (Orlando, FL)

Develop the "My Disney Experience" web site. Use Agile practices to write, test, and maintain code for MagicBand shipments, user profiles, entitlement claiming, online reservations, and other parts of the guest experience, using back-end PHP on Zend Framework (against web services) and front-end JavaScript using jQuery and AngularJS. Coordinate work with teams around the globe; as a senior code reviewer, review their code and help them improve it. Organize brown-bag sessions every two weeks for information sharing. Work with the developers of open-source tools to help the tools work better with our project (and vice-versa).

January 2008-October 2010: Web developer, Lightmaker USA (Orlando, FL)

Was the lead developer on a large project which attempted to combine the best features of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube. Created mobile sites with iPhone/HTML5 interfaces. Built dynamic sites for clients such as author Janet Evanovich, Delta Connection Academy, and Paradise Horse Club, in W3C-compliant XHTML driven by C# code on Microsoft .NET with the Microsoft MVC and Castle MonoRail frameworks, using Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. Coded AJAX with the jQuery and MooTools JavaScript libraries. Rewrote an in-house content management system to publish data as XML files, and wrote front-end code to render the data through XSL transformations and NVelocity templates. Built online stores using PayPal and other payment providers. Enabled sites to store media in Amazon S3 buckets, using to convert it between formats. Trained coworkers in these technologies.

March-December 2007: Web developer, VRSoftware (Kissimmee, FL)

Developed the internal web site for vacation rental company to manage properties, staff, reservations, scheduling, and metrics. Worked in an Agile environment with a small team for rapid release cycles, using PHP, XHTML, CSS, XML, YAML, JavaScript, AJAX (with the Yahoo User Interface Toolkit), and an MVC architecture built on the Symfony framework. Helped to maintain the Linux and Apache servers and MySQL databases on which the web site runs. Made contributions, including bug reports, back to the open-source Symfony project.

2000-present: Brian Kendig Consulting, self-employed (Celebration, FL)

Designed and implemented the interface, database, and content management system for, on a Linux system with an Apache web server using HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL against a MySQL database. (See "" for an example.) Run my own PC repair business, fixing a wide variety of Windows and Mac hardware/software problems (email, installs, viruses, backups, etc) on-site in offices and homes. Teach technology and explain complicated concepts in terms that people can understand.

1999-2000: Senior System Administrator, Apple Computer Inc., Redwood R&D (Cupertino, CA)

Managed the test and production Unix environments for the iTools (now iCloud) web site launch, ensuring that updates to the server software could be rolled out without surprises. Installed and tested development code, diagnosed and fixed problems. Reported recommendations and necessary changes back to the development and sysadmin teams. Wrote the user account provisioning system ('bash' shell scripts) which creates accounts as new users sign up.

1995-1999: Webmaster and Senior Analyst, Netscape Technical Support Operations (Mountain View, CA)

Led the team developing the structure and user interface of the Netscape Technical Support site (which received up to a quarter-million hits daily). Developed a content management system in Perl, used by Netscape employees and partners for publishing technical material. Wrote Perl and shell scripts to survey users and track how they used the site; used customer feedback and usability studies to improve site quality. Designed and created the support area on Netscape's web site, and wrote large amounts of documentation and technical articles for it. Was the primary contact providing 24x7 phone/email support to several major accounts (including Sun Microsystems, Prudential Financial, and the United Nations) deploying web browser, client, server, and ecommerce products in production environments. Worked closely with QA and development through all phases of the product development cycle.