“Irrationally full of equilibrium” – Eve Shaffer
“God of Tact, Style, and Personal Attention” – Eliot Bergson
“He has clue.” – Bruce Markey

Remember when we visited the little farm in Tilden park and you talked to the Saint Albans goat?

Everyone needs on occasion to look to a higher power for guidance. Scholarly minutia doesn’t excite me and the spiritual path seems incomplete without weekly TV listings. Youth provided me with artful distractions until my liver cried uncle. I still see eidetic wisps fluid in the blue of sky. Over-torqued visionaries spout Internet glories, but only the lonely write sensible instructions on the use of the heart. That goat studied me unblinkingly. She knew all she needed.

You asked her, “How shall I proceed?”

She requested that I first feed her a choice morsel of corn, which I did. Then her wise eyes answered, “I am a goat who knows what I need to know. You are something much uglier and should proceed with modesty.”

We fed her more corn and walked among the live oak.

– from theĀ Netscape Handbook

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