Postmodern Jukebox

On Friday evening, Jill and I went to see Postmodern Jukebox perform at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. (Her Christmas gift to me!)

It was wonderful to see them perform live – so much energy, so much fun! There was no program distributed, so I kept track of the songs they performed. To make sure I had the right songs (hey, I’m not up on Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift) I looked them up on YouTube, where PMJ has posted videos. And as long as I had the videos in front of me, I figured I’d link ’em here so you can get a taste of PMJ’s versions of them. (These videos aren’t exactly the same as the songs we saw them do on Friday; there are different performers and different interpretations.)

At this point the singers and band members said goodnight and left the stage to a standing ovation. Then they returned for an encore. The leader asked the piano player “give me the D”, then they launched into an a cappella number.

None of the above videos show much of the tap dancer, who was phenomenal. So I’ll link to one more video; this song wasn’t in Friday’s show, but it’s just so good.

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