Welcome in!

*tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

There, my web site is redone! Not bad for a weekend’s work. I had tried to maintain it for a while with RapidWeaver, but that was just more hassle than it’s worth. Editing php and css files by hand in Eclipse gives me a lot more control.

I know the site looks a bit plain and grey right now, but perhaps I’ll improve on the design later. I’ve also been experimenting with responsive css so the site might eventually be usable on an iPhone, but I’ll do more with that later.

So please come on in, say hi, post a comment so I know this blog is working? And please also let me know if you find anything broken!

11 thoughts on “Welcome in!”

  1. Can you Guess?

    I’m writing to register a complaint about the fraud perpetrated in your bio. Your romance novels have NOT been translated into 12 languages; they have been translated into 14. You may have overlooked the recent underground printings published in Esperanto and Tagalog. I beseech you to resolve this egregious error, kind sir.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Christine. 🙂 I shall submit this correction to the editorial staff.

      However, as the editorial staff consists of two cats and a puppy, prompt rectification is not anticipated…

      1. Dearest Dr. Kendig:

        We appreciate your prompt attention to the matter and would like to comment that your site is clean, attractive, and not overly pretentious or annoying. It’s easy to understand, yet still engaging and very creative. In fact, we might have just become a little bit excited just looking at it, as these are all qualities we seek in a prospective significant other. Not that that’s relevant; we just wanted to overshare.

        We also appreciate your sharp, deductive mind and your inclusive EOE policy with regard to the editorial staff. For these reasons, we will patiently await the requested changes without further complaint. Also, in honor of your site’s awesomness, from this point further we will stop using the royal “we” in describing ourself. (selves? I don’t even know anymore.)

        Wishing you warm cookies and toe socks on demand,

        Me 😀

  2. Brian: Excellent! I prefer your clean style to the clumsy, cluttered styles of many commercial sites I use. I especially like that, at least for now, you don’t have any icons and/or links moving in the background or colors and/or lines swirling about in the background for whatever reason. Thanks

    1. Ooh! I should add those. Whatever is a good reason!

      Just like I often do things for the time being. I don’t know what kind of monster the time being is, but when he shows up I want to show him that I’ve done things for him.

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