Welcome in!

*tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

There, my web site is redone! Not bad for a weekend’s work. I had tried to maintain it for a while with RapidWeaver, but that was just more hassle than it’s worth. Editing php and css files by hand in Eclipse gives me a lot more control.

I know the site looks a bit plain and grey right now, but perhaps I’ll improve on the design later. I’ve also been experimenting with responsive css so the site might eventually be usable on an iPhone, but I’ll do more with that later.

So please come on in, say hi, post a comment so I know this blog is working? And please also let me know if you find anything broken!

Hello World

There’s a tradition in computer science that the first venture into a new area must begin with the words “Hello World“.

So, hi!

I’ve had a private LiveJournal for twelve years now. (More than 3,200 journal entries and 48,000 comments!) I’ve given Facebook and Twitter a try, but it’s too much effort to cram my thoughts into those tiny bite-sizes spaces. Meanwhile, though, I’ve been craving a public place where I can be more profound than personal – or try to, anyway. I want to post here about religion, and politics, and theme parks, and whatever else strikes my fancy. This’ll also be a good place for some how-tos as I figure out bits of technology; maybe as Google picks them up I can help other people avoid the messes I regularly find my way into.

Please keep your hands and arms safely inside the browser window, and don’t mind the dust.