December 2016

Rogue One

The film Rogue One didn’t sit well with me. It was a hodgepodge of all the best bits from other Star Wars films, but beneath the surface, it just didn’t have substance.

Now that some time has passed since the film’s release and I’ve had a chance to think about it some more, and now that more people have seen it so I’m not at as much risk of spoiling it, I’ll go into some more detail. (Spoilers do follow.)

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Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, 2016

Our annual trip to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

I was maxed out on vacation time at work (couldn’t accrue any more until I used some), so taking the week off worked out perfectly for me. Jill and Eve had walked the Space Coast Half Marathon together on Sunday morning, so they were definitely ready for plenty of relaxation too.

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Train whistle

A long while back, I took the “Magic Behind Our Steam Trains” tour at the Magic Kingdom. The guide told us what the various steam locomotive whistle signals meant, and I jotted them down. I finally decided to post them here so they no longer take up space on my notepad.

  • Four notes, coming into station: “Here Comes The Train”
  • At the station, two notes and a bell: “I’m Here”
  • Two notes when ready to leave: “Let’s Go”
  • Three notes, when the engineer needs to back up: “Let’s Go Back”


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