Star Trek

On the recent passing of a friend with whom I’d lost contact long ago, several of her friends started a Facebook group to celebrate her and share stories of her life. I feel honored to have been invited to be a part of that group. And it turns out (perhaps unsurprisingly) that many of these people share similar interests, and a discussion started about science fiction, to which my friend Christina said she’s tried but can’t seem to get into Star Trek and she feels like something’s wrong with her for it.

Now, I’m speaking as someone who’s watched all of the more-than-650 hours of Star Trek TV series, movies, and worthy derivative works (such as Star Trek Continues) that have been produced over the past more-than-60 years, so I feel somewhat authoritative when I say that … there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her for not getting into Star Trek! There’s so much to get into, and the focus of each series (and quality of its writing) varies greatly.

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Bed and breakfast

Near the end of January, Jill and Lily Pup walked the Pet Rescue By Judy 5K. (Well, Jill walked it, and Lily rode in her fancy puppy stroller.)

At the very end of January, Jill walked the Lady Track Shack 5K and the Celebration Half Marathon. It was a crazy weekend because, in addition to a special guest appearance from Valerie, we had lots of visitors spending the weekend here:

  • Indiana Eve
  • Heidi
  • Tami
  • Miami Eve
  • Jen Litwin

We had one person in the small guest bedroom, three people in the large guest bedroom, and poor Jen got a sofa and had to put up with the cats bothering her.

Indiana Eve then stayed an extra few days with us, and I had some time off work so we got to spend some time catching up on a list of things I wanted to show her:

  • Windows 10 (she was unimpressed)
  • The “Kaiju Fury” virtual-reality video in Google Cardboard (she was impressed)
  • The Stanley Parable (after having played Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald, she enjoyed this)
  • 1Password (in an attempt to keep her sanity)
  • Elegy For A Dead World, a video game that’s really a creative writing story prompt (she enjoyed it more than I did)
  • How to set a custom Minecraft skin (so she no longer looks like Steve)
  • Both soundtracks to Minecraft (they’re really quite good)
  • The second season of the TV series “Galavant” (we caught up on the whole thing)

And I also took her on a trip to Let Us Frame It to pick up some posters we’d had framed, to Track Shack to get her fitted for a new pair of running shoes, and to Skycraft Surplus because they just have all kinds of neat electronic and mechanical junk.

The only thing we had to save ’til next time is that we’re going to teach her how to play Settlers of Catan.


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