Mary Mouse

Jill and I got home yesterday from a vacation aboard Disney Cruise Line’s Wish (February 26 – March 1, 2024). This isn’t a full trip writeup; I just wanted to document a hidden mouse who wasn’t Mickey.

It was early on the first morning of the cruise that we scheduled the Walking the Wish tour. (In retrospect, we should have taken a later slot so that we could sleep in a bit.) This tour covered decks 3, 4, and 5 of the ship, where the restaurants, shops, bars, and lounges were. Our tourguide was a highly knowledgeable crewmember named Emily who really helped us enjoy the design and decor of the ship.

The tour ended in the Grand Hall at the center of the ship. Emily pointed out the small statues of the mice Gus and Jaq hiding from the cat Lucifer. And then she said, “Somewhere in the Grand Hall, Mary Mouse is hidden. If you can find her, I’ll give you a prize.” This immediately captured our interest. And our puzzlement, too; we couldn’t remember a mouse named Mary. After a bit of head-scratching, we remembered that she must have been one of the girl mice from Cinderella, and someone else mentioned that she had a bigger role in the direct-to-video sequel Cinderella II: Dreams Come True.

This is what Mary Mouse looks like in the movies:

So we hunted around the Grand Hall on deck 3, and quickly found the production artwork of the mice (including Mary) behind glass as part of the exhibit on the ship’s theming … but Emily said no, that wasn’t the Mary Mouse we should be looking for. “She’s a silhouette,” Emily told us, “and she’s down at ankle level.”

And then Emily moved on to her next appointment, and left us still scratching our heads.

We searched online but could find no mention of Mary Mouse on the Wish. (If we had found the answer online I would have eschewed the prize; we were more interested in it for the trivia.) So we largely forgot about the mouse hunt until the fourth day of our four-night cruise, when we were relaxing on deck chairs and said hi to Emily as she roamed past. That evening Jill and I played carts with Mom and Dad in the Grand Hall and we mentioned the mouse hunt to them. “Can’t you just ask Guest Relations?” someone said.

So I did. The Guest Relations counter on deck 4 wasn’t very busy at the moment (it was past nine thirty at night, and the Aladdin show in the theatre hadn’t let out yet), so a bunch of Guest Relations crew members were ready to help with my question. Jonah stepped up and resolved to help me find Mary Mouse.

This is what Jonah looks like:

Jonah, the Disney Wish Guest Services crew member

He came back down to deck 3 with me and searched the floor, the walls, and the pillars with me, but also came up empty. As I returned to my family’s card game, I saw him continue to search while talking on his phone.

About twenty minutes later he came back to me. “I found her,” he said. “I couldn’t reach Emily, she’s off shift right now, so I had to wake up a few people in Entertainment, and it turns out the only person who knew the answer is a woman who hasn’t taken that tour so she doesn’t know a lot of other trivia, and I had to pull her out of a show, but she gave me the answer.”

And he brought me to the place where Mary Mouse was hiding in plain sight.

This is what Mary Mouse looks like (zoomed in and cropped close so as not to reveal her hiding place):

And now I’m sharing this information with you, so that you can search for her if you ever have your own cruise on the Wish. Good hunting!

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