Hello World

There’s a tradition in computer science that the first venture into a new area must begin with the words “Hello World“.

So, hi!

I’ve had a private LiveJournal for twelve years now. (More than 3,200 journal entries and 48,000 comments!) I’ve given Facebook and Twitter a try, but it’s too much effort to cram my thoughts into those tiny bite-sizes spaces. Meanwhile, though, I’ve been craving a public place where I can be more profound than personal – or try to, anyway. I want to post here about religion, and politics, and theme parks, and whatever else strikes my fancy. This’ll also be a good place for some how-tos as I figure out bits of technology; maybe as Google picks them up I can help other people avoid the messes I regularly find my way into.

Please keep your hands and arms safely inside the browser window, and don’t mind the dust.

Hello World